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I have been a patient of Dr. Cady’s for over three years.  I had been experiencing back pain due to ruptured disks when a friend, who was a patient, recommended I see him and I have been a satisfied patient ever since.  Dr. Cady offers a one stop full service practice that allows me to combine Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage in a professional patient friendly setting.  I appreciate the fact that he is caring, compassionate, offers solutions and options that help me heal, is punctual, ethical and has a great sense of humor.  I always enjoy my visits to the office and the services provided by his entire staff.  I also admire the fact that he mentors interns and willingly shares his time, expertise and sage advice to those who will enter the profession. He is an excellent role model and a great family man!

I appreciate all he and his staff have done for me and as a Human Resources Professional highly recommend his practice to employees who need Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage services. 

Pam A. 

Pain in my neck and back is what first brought me into Dr. Cady’s office.  Right from the beginning, I was very impressed with the way Dr. Cady went about diagnosing, then treating the problem.  Lower back pain has been a problem of mine for some time, but thanks to Dr. Cady, he helped me to understand what causes the pain and what I can do to prevent it.               

Even now as I am pregnant, I continue to see Dr. Cady once every two weeks as a follow-up, to ensure that I will continue to be without pain.   

Magali P.

I’ve had discomfort for years due to scoliosis, but since I’ve been seeing Dr. Cady on a regular basis I feel great.  He takes the time to ask questions and really listens to see how I’m feeling.  The results have been wonderful.  His staff is friendly, efficient, and very helpful.  I would recommend Back Care Specialists to anyone.  Thank You Dr. Cady!  

Belinda F. 

After I landed on my neck during a tumbling pass, I was in terrible pain.   And since cheerleading is such a competitive team sport, my teammates were depending on me to be there; which meant I had to get better fast.  Thankfully, Dr. Cady helped me feel better right away and has continued to help me stay strong.  Thanks Dr. Cady! 

Ginger G.

Initially, I was a little hesitant as to whether or not  I would like the Shiatsu massage based on a prior experience.  As it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did in fact like it.   While not as deep as other techniques, the relief factor was quite profound, loosening up the affected area.  All in all, I found that I responded well to the gentle, kneading technique. 

Mike M.

I felt Dr. Cady and staff were friendly, informative and encouraging.  Appointments were on time and I was treated professionally.  I never felt rushed or treated in a hurried manner, nor did I ever feel uncomfortable or pressured into treatments I did not feel were necessary.  My experience was a pleasant one and I would defiantly recommend Dr. Cady to anyone. 

Bonnie J.

The therapy provided by Dr. Cady was great!  I had had sore knees and calf muscles for over two years as a result of playing basketball.  The pain prevented me from doing exercises and playing sports.  After I began treatment, which included; electrical stimulation, ultra-sound, ice and heat therapy, and adjustment/ re-alignments of the knees, I noticed immediate improvement.  In less than three weeks I was back to normal.  My knees are no longer sore, so I can start playing sports again.  Dr. Cady also recommended easy-to-do stretching exercises that have been very beneficial.  Overall, I had a fantastic treatment with Dr. Cady. 

Hemanth S.

Dr. Cady is very attentive to whole health alignment.  He has treated me for numerous conditions, such as; swollen ankles, misalignment, headaches, aching knees, and sciatic pain.  Dr. Cady used several different techniques when treating me.  These techniques included a combination of both ice and heat therapy, ultra-sound, electrical stimulation, and massage.  He was able to help me thru a speedy recovery with each one of my injuries incurred from both an automobile accident and a wok related injury.  Dr. Cady was able to relieve the pain fast, and overall, made a huge difference in my healing process. 

Sharon G.

Following a series of significant dental work, I experienced some severe jaw pain.  After several weeks enduring this pain I sought help from Dr. Cady, who thankfully, provided quick relief.  So when I sprained my ankle, naturally the doctor of choice was Dr. Cady.  What seemed like a sprain that would keep me inactive for four to six weeks, improved with only one week of intense therapy, and I was back to playing basketball and running the following week.  Thanks Dr. Cady.  

Richard K.

Ever since I was a young girl I can still remember being constipated and always having to take laxatives.  I’ve tried so many laxatives on the market; most were either too mild and didn’t work, or too harsh, causing terrible cramps and still no help.  Then about eight or nine years ago, my son heard of an aloe vera laxative capsule, called “atri-aloe lax”, through a chiropractor friend of his, Dr. Cady.  This type of laxative contains 450mg of aloe, which is also a dietary supplement.  It is all natural, so safe for anyone to use, and I have to say, it has been wonderful.  I’m so very grateful to the both of them for making everyday so much more comfortable. 

Alice M.

Over the past few months, I began having problems with circulation; including muscle tightness in my back, legs, and feet, the treatment The treatment received here has improved my condition very much.  The doctor’s advice on certain steps to take in order for improvement and his overall discussion explaining my condition has been an important asset to my recovery.  I am now able to walk greater distances with better circulation, resulting in less pain and numbness in my legs and feet. 

Felton S.

I have been a patient of Scott Cady and Back Care Specialists (BCS) for over 6 years.  Before coming to BCS, I interviewed a number of chiropractors in the Bay Area and felt comfortable with Scott’s initial professionalism and diagnoses.  Being a sales professional, I spend a large amount of my time driving a car and sitting at a computer.  I also spend my free time playing sports like basketball, softball, and golf.   

Most of the other chiropractors were too busy trying to sign me up to multiple visit packages before trying to diagnose my aches.  Scott took a practical approach by pointing out my strengths and weaknesses.  He put me on a regular schedule for stretching, office visits, and all around maintenance.  I have been on the program ever since and have the flexibility to come in more or less frequently depending on my activities. 

I would highly recommend Scott and the staff at Back Care Specialists for your overall health needs.  They have the professionalism and the right attitude to combat today’s stress.  Whether you have a history of chronic pain, or occasional pains due to work, play, and stress, Scott can get you started on a plan that works for you.  

Although Scott hasn’t been able to help me lower my golf score, he has put me in a better position to enjoy myself on the course. 

David R.

Unfortunately, back pain has been a problem of mine for some time now.  But after a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Cady I feel 100% better. 

Sammy S.

I was in a car accident in which I was rear-ended by two other vehicles.  After going to a physical therapist for about two months, I still had aches and pains in my neck and back; so I decided to go see a chiropractor.  After the first visit I felt an instant relief.  I only wish that I had seen Dr. Cady first before going through the physical therapy.  Continuing with the chiropractic treatment, I can now get through my day without aches and pains again.   

Kristie R.  

A sudden twist in the chair undid all the normal monthly maintenance visits I made to my chiropractor back in Vienna, Virginia.  Therefore, forcing me to look in the phone book, I decided that a “family –practice” with massage therapy and acupuncture alternatives was important.  First, Dr. Cady did a through review of my history and current pain. Then, examined me to verify the area causing the pain.  With the use of electrical stimulation and cold packs he was able to relieve the already inflamed back muscles.  Dr. Cady carefully and gently aligned my back using the positions of my feet, which not only relieved the pain, but also corrected a long over looked problem that I had always believed to be heredity.  To summarize, Dr. Cady is through, precise, yet gentle.  I look forward to continuing my maintenance here in California, rather than at home in Virginia.   

Barbara Y. 

I have been troubled on and off for years with my neck and back.  Dr. Cady has done a great job keeping everything working as it should.  I coach youth sports and have a nasty tendency to “over-do it” with my teams.  Dr. Cady keeps me going and gets me back on the field- not an easy task!  

Candace G.

Dr. Cady has done a wonderful job helping my daughter stay healthy and able to participate fully in her sports.  She is a competitive fast-pitch pitcher, and has had a few different injuries.  Dr. Cady has helped her back to health, while teaching her how to keep her body healthy as well as how to heel it.  

Melanie G.    

I suffered for three months with jaw pain.  My regular M.D. and dentist were giving me the run-around, rather than helping me.  When I came to see Dr. Cady for treatment on my neck and upper back, I didn’t think he would be able to help either; but I mentioned my jaw pain anyway.  He informed me that ultrasound and gentle manipulation would help.  It was like a miracle!  With each session my condition was improving.  I now could open my mouth with less pain.  I am very pleased with the care that I received at Back Care Specialists.  

Catherine K.

Upon receiving routine adjustments regularly, my back feels 100% better.  I would recommend that everybody see a chiropractor, or at least try one, as for myself, I wouldn’t ever stop seeing one. 

Robert S.

I'm writing to thank you for recommending Pro Symbiotic Colostrum to my wife and me, and to describe some of the benefits we've enjoyed during the month we've been taking it.

My wife has had problems sleeping for over a year due to serious sinus headaches and digestive problems. In only thirty days, her sleep has improved, her digestion has become more regular, and the recurring urinary tract infection she suffered from appears all but gone. In addition, since her allergist has diagnosed her as being allergic to dust mites (from exposure to an air conditioning system at work which had not seen cleaning for years), her headaches were a serious concern. The allergist told her that the headaches might take years to go away, if ever. Since she's been taking the Colostrum, her headaches have all but disappeared.

My own case is somewhat extraordinary. I've suffered
for some time with joint pain due to the degenerative effects of Hepatitis C. In addition, the virus has also directly affected my digestion, energy levels and sleep patterns. I firmly believe that the Colostrum has had nothing short of a miraculous effect on all of these symptoms. I'm sleeping better, my digestion has dramatically improved, and my energy, while not excessive, has returned to a point where I can take walks with my wife, perform for a full day of work, and engage in all manner of activities I had all but given up on. It is no exaggeration to suggest that Colostrum has given me back enough health to consider pursuing a change in careers, and even have time and energy left over to resume some greatly missed hobbies. We are both truly indebted to you for your recommendation. Again, sincere thanks, and kudos to a wonderful product.

Stan C.