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Elbow Pain


Pain that worsens when using the elbow for a period of time needs to be taken seriously. Pain may awake you at night. Pain may range from burning, aching, soreness or any combination. Other symptoms may be present.


Pain in the elbow when performing simple activities of daily living is becoming more commonplace as people engage in jobs that require frequent repetitive motion. Lateral epicondylitis or "tennis elbow" is caused by repetitive motion of the elbow. Pain is felt on the lateral side of the elbow. Pain on the medial side of the elbow is called medial epicondylitis or "golfer's elbow". One common cause can be from playing a sport such as tennis or golf. Another prevalent cause may be form working in a job where frequent lifting or keyboarding are performed at an improperly set up work-station.


Dr. Cady will take a thorough history and perform a physical exam. Conservative treatment using massage, electrical stimulation as well as hot and cold packs, may be performed. Chiropractic adjustments to the elbow may also be performed. Ultrasound may be utilized. Home care will be recommended such as icing or heating, stretching, exercises, avoiding certain activities, and in some cases, a brace may worn on the elbow.

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